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Amanda de Cadenet

Amanda de Cadenet is a creative force with a lifelong career in the media. She began as a British television host at the young age of 15, became a sought-after photographer in her early teens and as a result, her impressive photography career already spans nearly 20 years. She is the youngest woman to shoot a Vogue magazine cover and has photographed many of the most influential figures in
popular and political culture.

As a media entrepreneur, de Cadenet is the creator of The Conversation, an interview series that showcases her in-depth interviews on real topics with celebrated women. Whether it’s conversations with Lady Gaga, Sarah Silverman, Zoe Saldana, Chelsea Handler, Gwyneth Paltrow or discussions with devoted followers of her social channels, de Cadenet consistently delivers an honest and authentic voice through The Conversation. The series has been shown on cable and network TV in 18 countries as well as featured online, with over 10 million viewers. In January 2016, de Cadenet conducted an exclusive one-on-one interview with Presidential Candidate Secretary Clinton. 

In February 2016, de Cadenet launched #Girlgaze, a digital media company utilizing user submitted content, highlighting the work of Female Gen Z photographers and directors. Girlgaze is dedicated to closing the gender gap by creating  visibility and tangible jobs for girls behind the lens. With over one million submissions and counting, #Girlgaze has expanded into original content, IRL events and EComm.